EXO//ENDO is not an ensemble that is ahead of its time. Built upon the hard-earned lessons of 20th Century music, the group plants its collective feet firmly in the fertile soil of the formative years of this current epoch. Pulling from diverse histories of involvement in classical, avant-garde, punk, noise, industrial, progressive, krautrock and new music, the members of EXO//ENDO synthesize their disparate backgrounds into something as unrecognizable as it is contemporary. With the assistance of an ever-growing body of composers, performers and collaborators, EXO//ENDO sets out to further break what has already been broken, and to work exclusively with what remains.

Upcoming Events

November 26th 2018

NO HAY BANDA presents...



La Sala Rossa

4848 blvd St-Laurent,
Montréal, QC

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La Sala Rossa

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Past Events

November 17th 2017: Performance at REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA, USA
presented by CalArts/REDCAT

November 15th 2017: Interview on Neuz Pollution, KXLU Radio 89.9FM
presented by Chris Candy

November 25th 2016: Performance at Metro Studio Theatre, Victoria, BC, Canada
presented by Open Space New Music

November 24th 2016: Workshop at Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
presented by Open Space New Music

November 23rd 2016: Performance at Engineered Air Theatre, Calgary, AB, Canada
presented by New Works Calgary

November 20th 2016: Interview on That's Classical?, CJSW Radio 90.9FM
presented by Graham Siddal

November 19th 2016: Performance at Orpheum Annex Theater, Vancouver, BC, Canada
presented by Vancouver New Music


EXO//ENDO: The Ensemble

Andrea Young
Composer, Voice & Electronics, Founding Member, Co-Director

Braden Diotte
Electric Bass Guitar & Synthesizer, Founding Member, Co-Director

Michael Yr J Day
Turntables, Percussion & Electronics, Founding Member

Derek Stein
Cello, Collaborator

Jenica Anderson
Percussion, Collaborator

Micaela Tobin
Voice & Electronics, Collaborator

Marina Hasselberg
Cello, Collaborator

Sharon Chohi Kim
Voice & Percussion, Collaborator

Ulrich Krieger
Composer & Saxophone, Collaborator

...and growing.


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